“Wise and skilled”

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1 class per week

This package is ideal for beginners but will take longer to progress up the grades, typically taking 1 or 2 gradings per year

“Strong spirit and courage

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2 classes per week (any class)

Most students aim to train at least twice per week and will improve at a good pace through the grades, typically taking gradings 2 or 3 times per year

“Master of the sword”

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2 classes or more + 1 private class per month

The addition of a private class can really help hone your karate techniques. This would typically take place at my home DOJO.

Adult class£26£33£44
Family Adult£21£26N/A
Kids class£20£26£40
Family Kids£16£21N/A
Private class 1 person £20/hour 2 people £30N/A

A 20% family discount is applied to the monthly fees when 2 or more members from the same family join.

Starter bundles

Starter bundles are optional and give value for money and convenience

BundlesKidsKids premierAdultAdult premier
1M Fees
1 Grading
glovesBasic gloves Basic gloves Basic gloves Leather MMA gloves
Total value £125£167£161£226
Discounted price£100£134£129£181