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Welcome to Goju-Ryu Milton Keynes!

Thanks for registering with Goju-Ryu Karate Milton Keynes. When completing this form, you will need to know which Plan and starter Bundle you will select. There is no commitment and you can always change this at a later date.


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    If you have attended a taster class, that means we have confirmed a space is available. You may select other classes too, and discuss availability with the instructor.

    Your start date will be your first class after your free taster class.

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    Here you have 2 options:

    Here are all the plans that apply to family members

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    • Starter bundles are convenient and economical as they include everything you need to get started

    • If you already own a uniform, then the Do-it-yourself option may work better for you

    • Read up on BUNDLES if you have not already

    Lightweight uniforms are most popular for growing kids. Heavyweight uniforms are more popular for adults, higher quality but a bit more expensive. If you have any questions about uniforms, use the questions field at the bottom of this form.
    Please note that a 150cm uniform will fit a person who is height is 150cm to 160cm.

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    We need your exact height in cm to get the right uniform?

    You will need to set up your own membership and monthly fees before your first class


    For your monthly fees, please provide a reference (like your name) so we can easily link bank payments with the student. make sure you use the same reference on bank transfers. You will receive our bank details by email after submitting this registration form.

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