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You might have experience in another martial art and interested in Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate or just starting your karate journey. Our adult classes are suitable for beginners and veterans and include all grades from white-belts to black belts. The training is focused on traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate. Learning karate will help you get into shape, improve you confidence and self esteem, break the monotony of going the gym, karate is exciting and educational. Make new friends, and open up possibilities to train anywhere in the world with EGKA/IOGKF membership. These are just some of the benefits of karate.

Typical classes include:

基本 KIHON (fundamentals)
KATA (set forms)
分解 BUNKAI (application of the kata)
組手 KUMITE (sparring)

Goju-Ryu Karate is demanding both physically and mentally. By training with us, you will learn how to realistically defend yourself and become an able fighter. Please note that we do not tolerate or encourage intimidation and violence in or outside of the dojo. Rest assure that all student are treated with respect and any combat should be controlled and safe. However, karate is a contact martial art and there is a minor risk of injury.



Consider how many times per week you want to train and select a plan when you register. This is not set in stone and we are flexible if you want to mix-and match classes on a week-to-week basis. Adults may also join kids classes with their siblings and the Junior classes.

“Wise and skilled”

£26 (Family £21)

1 class per week

This package is ideal for beginners but will take longer to progress up the grades, typically taking 1 or 2 gradings per year

“Strong spirit and courage

£33(Family £26)

2 classes per week (any class)

Most students aim to train at least twice per week and will improve at a good pace through the grades, typically taking gradings 2 or 3 times per year



2 classes or more + 1 private class per month

The addition of a private class can really help hone your karate techniques. This would typically take place at my home DOJO.

See the Membership page for more details