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The first step to joining up is taking a free taster class. This page walks through the membership options and prices,

Taster classes are free because we want to encourage potential members to take up karate and give you the chance to see if our club is right for you. New students are important for the club to keep growing and although it may seem like you have a mountain to climb, you will soon start to feel the benefits such as getting fit, gaining confidence, making new friends etc.

Book a taster class using the form and wait for a confirmation. We may ask some questions about why you want to do karate and if you have any experience. Please ask if you want to discuss anything by phone using the message field on the form.

When you attend the taster class, make sure you have checked the correct location for that class. Try to get there 10 minutes before the class starts. Wear comfortable clothing like joggers and t-shirt and bring a water bottle. If you already have a karate uniform, you are welcome to wear it.

It is traditional in karate for beginners to stand at the back of the class and the seniors at the front. That is so the beginner can learn by watching the senior students. So during your taster class, you will line up somewhere at the back of the class and just try to join in and follow the class as best as you can. The idea is just to give you a feeling of if karate is for you or not.

If you enjoyed the taster class and have decided to become a member, the next step is to register. selecting your plan and bundle.


The more often you train, the more value for money the plan is.

Students who attend more classes and train hard will be rewarded by progressing up the grades more quickly. This will give students even greater confidence, respect in and outside of the DOJO.

“Wise and skilled”

See prices below

1 class per week

This package is ideal for beginners but will take longer to progress up the grades, typically taking 1 or 2 gradings per year

“Strong spirit and courage

See prices below

2 classes per week (any class)

Most students aim to train at least twice per week and will improve at a good pace through the grades, typically taking gradings 2 or 3 times per year

“Master of the sword”

See prices below

Unlimited classes + 1 private class per month

The addition of a private class can really help hone your karate techniques. This would typically take place at my home DOJO.

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Adult class£26£33£44
Family Adult£21£26N/A
Kids class£20£26£40
Family Kids£16£21N/A
Private class 1 person £20/hour 2 people £30N/A


Starter bundles will provide you with everything you need to get started, including your first month’s fees and annual membership licence. Bundles are optional but will save you money and time. Licences are mandatory and the reasons for this are explained below.

BundlesKidsKids premiumAdultAdult premium
1M Fees
1 Grading
glovesBasic gloves Basic gloves Basic gloves Leather MMA gloves
Total value £125£167£161£226
Discounted price£100£134£129£181

*Licencing systems are mandatory for martial arts schools and its members. One of the main reasons is because it includes insurance to protect club members and the instructor. The other purpose is to fund our association. Our club is a EGKA member, which is a non-profit organisation but relies on student licencing to fund the running of the organisation, organising events and other activities.

As members of the EGKA/IOGKF, you are benefiting by being part of an international organisation that is dedicated to protecting traditional Okinawan Karate. Teachings from the senior instructors are cascaded down to club instructors, like myself through karate seminars held 3 or 4 times per year in the UK. All students are also welcome to join the EGKA karate seminars where they will receive intensive training for 1, 2 or 3 days (optional). I myself attend at least 2 or 3 seminars every year. This coming year I hope to take my San-Dan grading (third degree black belt) as I continue to develop my karate and pass it onto my students.