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Lockdown plans

As you well know we are heading for another lockdown and we’ll have to suspend all classes in the hall and dance studio and hopefully we will be back to normal again in December.

I will be holding carefully planned zoom classes that will follow our syllabus, mainly focusing on kata and bunkai. Hopefully this will help students to keep on track working towards their next grading and to stay healthy during lockdown.

Fees will remain the same but you can join as many zoom classes as you like.

My current plan is as follows:

  • Sundays from 5pm: basics and gekisai dai ichi
  • Tuesdays from 6pm: gekisai dai ni and saifa kata and bunkai
  • Thursdays from 6pm: focus on seiunchin, shisochin and sanseru kata and bunkai

I will post the class agendas in more detail on the website calendar. Please check this and join any of the classes you wish to.

If anyone is interested in private zoom classes please let me know.