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The benefits of COVID

There is a lot of negative points about COVID-19 but it has also brought about some profound changes to the way we life our everyday lives.

Since the start of lockdown, karate schools around the world have been getting online and running virtual classes, gashukus and even grading assessments. Online classes aren’t as good as training together in the dojo. However, they do have the benefit of training in the comfort of your own home.

For me personally, I have been able to train on weekly basis with Sensei Ernie 8th Dan and head of the EGKA and Sensei Jason Roe 7th Dan of Eastleigh Dojo.

These training sessions have been hugely beneficial in that I have been learning more of the EGKA syllabus which will hopefully help me towards my san-dan grading. In addition, it has given me inspiration and ideas for teaching my own classes, both online and in dojo.

I like the EGKA style of training in that there is a clear style of training which has been cascaded from Master Higaonna through the Sensei Ernie and the EGKA dojos.

I do hope that we can get back to contact training again next year but in the meantime, please train safely, working on the EGKA syllabus, kata, kihon and keep improving your technique.