Kids/Beginners classes

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Since the lockdown, I’ve been running online classes only. The turn-out has been limited in the kids/beginners class. But at least a few dedicated students are joining and we have been enjoying it.

I don’t record every class, but when I remember, I make a quick note of what we have been doing in the class.

4th April

practiced junbi undo (warm up), keri (kicks) and uke (blocks)

8th April online class

practiced junbi undo keri (kicks) using a chair and tsuki (strikes) using the hips

22nd April online class

1000 tsuki waza (hand strikes)!

25th April online class

New students joined so we did basic drills with punches, front-kicks, and middle blocks

29th April online class

New students joined so we practiced kicks only, kin-geri, mae-geri, mawashi-geri





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