Junior classes

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Since the lockdown, I’ve been running online classes only. The turn-out has been pretty good for the junior class. We’ve had 6 to 8 dedicated students¬† joining and we have been enjoying it.

I don’t record every class, but when I remember, I make a quick note of what we have been doing in the class.

7th April online class

Today we practiced tski, which means strike.

11th April online class

Yesterday we practiced Tenshin (body moving techniques), included nekoashi (cat stance) movements and movements from Saifa kata

14th April online class

Today we practiced keri (kicks), including kin geri (groin kick), mae geri (front kick), mawashi geri (roundhouse kick). We also practiced combinations using tsuki (punches) and mawashi gedan geri. Nice work guys!

17th April online class

Today we went through junbi undo (traditional warm up exercises) and junan (stretching)

21st April online class

850 punches and 100 press-ups!!!

24th April online class

Pyramid circuits, punches, press-ups, front kicks, squats, keage (front rising kick), leg raises (abs).

28th April online class

Back to basics, kihon warm-up, kicks and strikes, stretching


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