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I don’t record all classes but when I remeber or have time I’ll make a quick note of what we did in the class. Since the lockdown, we’ve been doing online classes. The attendence has been limited to a few dedicated member (which I really appreciate). However, I’m happy just to keep up with the training and if someone joins me that is a bonus.

9th April Online class

Nice session on tsuki waza. Ken (fist), shotei(palm hand), shuto (open hand strike with outside), haito (open hand strike with inside hand), nukite (open hand strike with tips of fingers) to name a few …

16th April online class

Today we practiced TENSHIN which is a type of SABAKI or avoidance using foot work and focus on using the hips to turn and get into the correct position to counter the attack

23rd April online class

Pyramid fitness class 125 of each technique, punches (fast Tabata style), press-ups, squat-kicks, leg raises (core), mae ke-age.

27th April online class

New students joined so we did basic drills including warm up, punches, front kicks and middle block, streching

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