Thursday 15/8/19

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Yvette worked with the beginners doing basics
I worked with Ethan Kavitha and Girish on SAIFA and SEIUNCHIN”


KIHON with combos and TAISABAKI
Footwork moving, keeping TANDEN while moving in SANCHIN DATCHI
Using MUCHIMI but on JODAN UKE, Usually we block JODAN with an open hand to the outside. We tried a different technique I practiced in Japan last week, blocking to the inside with the forearm and then outside normal JODAN, the principle of defending with a strike (where the first block could be a punch to the face).
Attack: left JODAN, right CHUDAN, left GEDAN TSUKI
Defence: left KOKEN, UCHI UKE, OTOSHI SHOTE UKE (same hand)
Bag work: various kicks and strike combinations and tracking the bag moving backwards

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